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At TELL-X we share a goal of wanting every person to be empowered by mastering languages in order to be able to fulfill their dreams, and be able to participate in cultural exchanges, no matter their monetary or social background.

The TELL-X platform seeks to fulfill this goal by enabling self-directed language learning programs through different technological tools and concepts ranging from spoken dialogue systems to interactive language input and output through elements of digital storytelling, which facilitate authentic communication in the given language, as well as options for creating one’s own learning path.

Our overarching goal is to use technology as a bridge upon which people of different backgrounds can meet and interact in their languages, without geographical and social barriers of entry.

Research & Design Team

Christian Laigaard and Henrik Høj are MA students of Educational Technology and social entrepreneurs in the field of language teaching and culture exchange with the belief that meaningful and authentic foreign language learning & exchange at a formative age can profoundly shift the way young people comprehend the world and deal with its new challenges.

We believe that the role of ubiquitous mobile technologies is going to play a big role in the future of language learning. Our mission is to fight hard towards a world, in which the technology is used to empower every learner towards reaching their goals, on their own terms.

Christian Laigaard Jensen
Henrik Høj

Study Intervention Materials

Examples from Practice

TELL-X Product Presentation

TELL-X Platform Walkthrough

Google Assistant Interaction​

H5P: Speak the Words​

Flipgrid Instruction​

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Juan Jesus​

Henrik Høj​


Got some ideas for the project?

Would you like to get involved?

We would like for you to get involved, if you can see your own values and principles mirrored in our goals! At this point of the project, we are searching for anyone interested in helping the project through funding or professional collaboration. We are especially eager to welcome coders and technical engineers who can help us bring our designs to life and improve upon the experience of the TELL-X platform.